Foundation Casa Ronald Valencia

When a real company transcends is when it leaves its mark, when it impacts its environment. An objective that we share with the Fundación Casa Ronald Valencia, with which we have been collaborating for years in all that we are capable of.

Casa Ronald works for one of the most important elements for the future: the well-being of the children. The Foundation is in charge of offering children who have to receive prolonged medical treatment a safe, stimulating and loving environment for their family.

Located next to the best pediatric hospitals, Ronald's Homes welcomes families and children for the duration of their treatment, giving them a "home away from home" and offering them the gift of everyday life away from the cramped confines of a hotel room.

Specialists as we are in spaces to turn the ideas and dreams of entrepreneurs into reality, it was natural for TPF to get involved in a cause that seeks to create the space where those dreams are forged: the home.

Valencia CF Femenino

Equality, respect, teamwork and the desire to constantly improve are some of the values in which we firmly believe, and which are the basis of our company.

These same qualities are present in the Valencia Club de Fútbol Femenino and are one of the reasons that have moved us to collaborate with a team that is so united and has such a positive impact on society.

Together we hope to achieve our goal: to promote women's soccer and all the values it represents in order to achieve a world without inequalities.